The Dwelling Place (TDP) is a non denominational Christian church with communities in Auckland, New Zealand, and Orange County, CA. Having recently gone through a shift in leadership and direction, the church hired us to create a unique and engaging brand to help launch them into a new season of growth and development.
A key parameter we had to keep in mind and work around was that the identity system not only needed to be flexible but needed to but stylistically needed to resonate with the different communities because they lived on separate continents. While the internet has largely brought the design world together, we needed to be certain it would sit well with the church membership in both countries. We also wanted to make sure that the logo would stand out and feel unique in the arena of church branding.

The identity system is built from 3 different places to dwell. The first is to dwell in the Word of God, as represented by the blue polygon. The second is to dwell in the House of God, represented by the green and yellow shapes that hold New Zealand, and Orange county, which are the respective Houses of worship for TDP. The third is to dwell in the tabernacle, which was traditionally a tent in the Hebrew scriptures as represented by the horizontal and abbreviated versions of the logo.

Between the NZ and the OC campus we have designed more announcement slides than we can count. Here is a selection of a few of our favorites slides… Especially that tent. We love that tent.